21:51 15-05-2009
Velda Logemann
My Dear Friends, What a tribute you have paid to these men with all of the time, effort, and money you have put into to adopt and research and set up this website. I and all of my family are deeply grateful. I too wish that more people in the USA could be made aware of the honor and care that you and the people of your country continue to show men whose last resting place is in Europe. You have done a wonderful job and a great service after these many years. we send our thanks to you, Dale Estle was my brother.
Velda Logemann,
18:09 15-05-2009
Thanks for all that you are doing to remember these brave men, and to honor their lives and their sacrifices.

Amy Davis, niece of Dale Estle
17:58 15-05-2009

Name of your own website
ziet er heel goed uit
ga zo door
10:00 15-05-2009
Hoi Dennis en Gerda,

Wat leuk dat jullie een website hebben gemaakt. Ziet er goed uit! Ik sluit me aan bij de anderen: ga zo door!

Groetjes, Stefanie
23:18 14-05-2009
Hoi Dennis en Gerda,

Een mooie site hebben jullie! Het is mooi om te zien dat ook jullie de nagedachtenis van deze jongens hoog houden, ga zo door.

Groeten, An
21:52 14-05-2009
Dear Dennis and Gerda, Thank you for caring for so many soldiers that gave their all for our freedoms as well as yours. Your website is wonderful and very touching. Your remembrance of those men whose graves and names you have adopted is appreciated by so many. I wish more people here in the States were aware of the care that is given to our soldiers buried overseas. Peaceful rest to ALL the "Fallen".
21:33 14-05-2009
Rogé Aben
Hoi Dennis en Gerda. Ik heb zojuist jullie nieuwe website bezocht. Ik ben erg onder de indruk van de tijd die jullie hier hebben ingestoken. De site ziet er TOP uit. Zelf heb ik tijdens de opleiding aan de KMS, meegedaan aan de herdenking op memorial day. Dit heeft een zeer diepe indruk op mij achter gelaten. Ik zal deze site dus ook regelmatig bezoeken, en kijken of er updates zijn. Ik wil jullie dan ook veel succes wensen bij evt verdere zoektochten
MvG Rogé Aben (oud collega van Dennis)
21:09 14-05-2009
Sharon Estill Taylor

Name of your own website
Dear Gerta and Dennis: Karen Dugan gave me the link to your site and, as the daughter of an American pilot killed in WW II (and memorialized on the wall at Margraten), I thank you for your efforts on our behalf. I worked for many years to find my father's crash site and to place the rosette next to his name at Margraten indicating that he was found. We buried him in Arlington National Cemetery in Washington DC in 2006 after he remained where his plane crashed for 60 years. I have always wanted a family to adopt my father's name in Holland and I wonder if it is possible to have that happen now? If so, I would be eternally grateful. Many thanks for all you do on behalf of our fallen soldiers.
Dr. Sharon Estill Taylor
01:26 14-05-2009
Jim Hixson
Dear Gerta and Dennis,

Received the web page from Karen Dugan, niece of Richard Gentzel.

Richard Gentzel was Killed in Action with with our Uncle, William Sandoval.

The Sandoval Family send their regards to you and your Families for maintaining the grave sites and Memorials of the fallen soldiers.

Like Richard Gentzel, the body of William Sandoval was never recovered.

We also wish to thank Karen Dugan in her efforts to work with you and the governments to find the remains of our Uncles.


Jim Hixson
Silvis, Illinois USA
20:15 13-05-2009
Karen L. Dugan
Greetings Dennis and Gerta,
Another beautiful effort on your part to insure the memory of these brave soldiers.
On behalf of the family of Richard "Dick" Gentzel we can't thank you enough for your efforts. We look forward to our trip to Margraten, to meet you in
person.So many families are grateful to you and the people of The Netherlands for the love and honor you bestow our loved ones who were lost on your soil. May your days be blessed by the same love you offer them!
Sending hugs from across the pond!!
Karen Dugan
19:08 13-05-2009
Vic Walzel

Name of your own website
Dennis and Gerda,

You have done a wonder work with your site and it is a pleasure to see the many things you have included about these heroes. My brother, 1st Lt. Leland H. Walzel, is buried in Ardennes also. My wife and I had the privilege of visiting there for the 2006 Memorial Day services and it was a very emotional and moving experience for me. To see the 5000+ crosses there that represent those fallen heroes is very sobering and it is wonderful to know that people like you two and many others have taken on the role of adopting these graves. Thank you so much for sharing these stories and for caring about these men. It speaks very well of the people of The Netherlands and Belgium and their rembrance of these who gave their lives in preserving our freedom and returning yours to your countries.

Vic Walzel
13:50 13-05-2009
Ben Savelkoul

Name of your own website
Hey Dennis en Gerda,

Moet zeggen ziet er allemaal goed uit.... succes verder met uitbreiden van de Site....Ps, Zal ook een link plaatsen op mijn site....

Groetjes...... Ben.
13:44 13-05-2009
Hey dennis een mooie site en mooi online eerbetoon aan je geadopteerde soldaten

goed bezig.!


13:36 13-05-2009
Al Blue
It has been a great pleasure to follow your splendid efforts on behalf of the 491st Bomb Group and the Means Crew. Congratulations (and thanks) for a beautiful website.

10:47 13-05-2009
Beste Dennis en Gerda,

Tja..wat kan ik nog zeggen na diep onder de indruk te zijn geraakt van al dit moois: In een woord: Geweldig!
Mijn complimenten voor de inzet voor de wereld van adoptiegraven. Dennis en Gerda, ga vooral zo door! Deze site is weer een voorbeeld hoe mooi het kan zijn om te kunnen en mogen adopteren.

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