18:59 25-05-2009
Dennis and Gerda.
What a wonderful thing for you to do to preserve the memories of all the fallen American heros of WWII. My Uncle George Bates is buried in Henri-Chappelle Cemetery. He was killed before I was born; but it has always been my wish to be able to see the place where he was laid to rest. Would it be possible to contact anyone there to locate my uncle's gravesite and forward a picture to me through my email? I could provide you with the necessary info as to plot location if you wish. It would mean a great deal to his remaining relatives to be able to view his gravesite.

Again, God Bless you and all the other folks who dedicate their lives to honoring the fallen heros.

Don Bates
15:38 25-05-2009
Frank Salamone
We just read of your wonderful website and our local paper. God bless you for appreciating these young men who died too young

Frank, Kelly, Dan and David

Schenectady NY

Memorial Day 2009
19:17 23-05-2009
Dear Gerda & Dennis,
The website is a wonderful tribute to our fallen American heroes. Thank you for remembering them and adopting their grave sights.
God Bless,
Marty Means Stubbs
21:29 19-05-2009
Dennis en Gerda

Wat een mooie site! En wat een mooi eerbetoon aan jullie geadopteerde jongens . Mijn complimenten ga zo door .

Groeten Nico .
19:47 19-05-2009

Name of your own website
Hallo Dennis en Gerda,

Mijn complimenten! Niet alleen voor de website zelf, maar ook voor het vele onderzoek dat jullie doen en het succes dat jullie hebben in het vinden van informatie. Ik ben er jaloers op!

Succes verder met de website en toekomstige onderzoeken!


15:14 18-05-2009
I thank you for preserving the memory of our fallen family members during WWII who you have so graciously adopted as your own. I wish more people could be made aware of the care you have given to our loved ones who are resting in your country. Thank you so much. Dale Estle is my uncle.
10:39 18-05-2009
hallo jullie beiden
vandaag eens gekeken op jullie site, ik kan alleen maar zeggen geweldig heel goed overzichtelijk, maar veel mooier is dat er ook nog gedacht wordt aan de gevallene die voor onze vrijheid hebben gezorgd en vele offers hebben gebracht.
veel succes verder wim
18:55 17-05-2009

Name of your own website
What a wonderful tribute to our fallen heroes. Thank you for keeping their memories alive.
10:22 16-05-2009

Name of your own website
Hoi Dennis en Gerda,

Wat een mooie website, ga lekker door met mensen helpen.


21:51 15-05-2009
My Dear Friends, What a tribute you have paid to these men with all of the time, effort, and money you have put into to adopt and research and set up this website. I and all of my family are deeply grateful. I too wish that more people in the USA could be made aware of the honor and care that you and the people of your country continue to show men whose last resting place is in Europe. You have done a wonderful job and a great service after these many years. we send our thanks to you, Dale Estle was my brother.
Velda Logemann,
18:09 15-05-2009
Thanks for all that you are doing to remember these brave men, and to honor their lives and their sacrifices.

Amy Davis, niece of Dale Estle
17:58 15-05-2009

Name of your own website
ziet er heel goed uit
ga zo door
10:00 15-05-2009
Hoi Dennis en Gerda,

Wat leuk dat jullie een website hebben gemaakt. Ziet er goed uit! Ik sluit me aan bij de anderen: ga zo door!

Groetjes, Stefanie
23:18 14-05-2009
Hoi Dennis en Gerda,

Een mooie site hebben jullie! Het is mooi om te zien dat ook jullie de nagedachtenis van deze jongens hoog houden, ga zo door.

Groeten, An
21:52 14-05-2009
Dear Dennis and Gerda, Thank you for caring for so many soldiers that gave their all for our freedoms as well as yours. Your website is wonderful and very touching. Your remembrance of those men whose graves and names you have adopted is appreciated by so many. I wish more people here in the States were aware of the care that is given to our soldiers buried overseas. Peaceful rest to ALL the "Fallen".
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