19:33 16-10-2009
16:39 11-10-2009
Dear Dennis & Gerda,
I just came across your website when looking on internet for some info about a paratrooper I have adopted the grave in the American Cemetery of Neupré in Belgium. I was directed to an article published on your site by Frank W van Lunteren about F Company Patrol of 6 Oct 1944. He mentioned the second Lieutenant Robert V Heneisen (504th Parachute Infantry Regiment - 82nd Airborne Division) who wwas killed during this patrol. I have adopted the grave of Robert V Heneisen and I was wondering if you would have more information on what happened to him or if you would know who I should contact that would be able to help me. I am trying to find out what happened to him. I am already trying to find out if he has still some family lef tin the States. I have adopted several graves in the 2 American cemeteries in Belgium and I am already in contact with 2 families of 2 airmen I have adopted the graves. Your help or any information would be very much appreciated.
Alvast bedankt voor uw hulp en moiete en proficiaat voor uw website (sorry maar mijn nederlands is een beetje beperkt om alles in het nederlands uit te leggen.
Luik, België
08:38 02-10-2009

Name of your own website
Prachtig eerbetoon Dennis en Gerda.


Ronse, België
16:58 01-10-2009
Mindy Kettner
Tomorrow Oct. 2 it will be 65 years since Dan W. Means died fighting for freedom. Thank you again for remembering him.

Your Friend,
23:11 18-09-2009
Bayonne-New Jersey-U.S.A.
17:05 26-08-2009
Beste Dennis en Gerda,
Proficiat met zo'n mooi uitgevoerde site.
In het gedeelte DATA BaSE , zou ik het blauw van de link sites in een andere kleur vervangen, deze zijn zeer moeilijk te ontcijferen.
Voor de verdere rest chapeau.
20:15 29-07-2009
Heeey luitjes, gave site man!! Ben gelijk gaan kijken! Mooi man!!
Liefs en tot gauw en de groetjes van Mario en Ange
21:20 10-07-2009
Hallo Dennis en Gerda,

Ik heb met jullie gesproken op de begraafplaats in Margraten en ben er inmiddels achter dat ik niet alleen les aan jou gegeven heb, maar dat we ook samen in 2003 bij SFOR 14 hebben gezeten. Daar was ik groepscomm. OTM. Zo zie je maar weer de wereld is klein...

Inderdaad zoals vele al geschreven hebben is jullie site erg indrukwekkend. Super!! Als ik jullie ergens mee kan helpen, of als jullie een keer een presentatie willen bijwonen dan lijkt me dat heel leuk.

De boeken waar ik veel informatie uit heb gehaald zijn:
"D-Day in zuid Limburg" isbn 9068200054
"Kruizen in de wind" van Kap. Shomon
"US army in zuid Limburg" via de heer Gouverne in Maarheze.

Deze man heeft heel veel onderzoek gedaan over de Amerikanen in de 2e wereldoorlog. Verder heeft hij wat ingangen bij de Amerikaanse instanties. Als je wilt kan ik je wel eens met hem in contact brengen.

Richard Luijk
16:33 23-06-2009
Dear Dennis and Gerda-
I am a first cousin of Mindy Kettner. My father is a brother to Mindy's mother. Before my father, Bill Bradford, passed away he often told stories of his youth and early adult life in McLouth, Ks. Many of his stories were about the brothers Robert and Dan Means. He said that Robert and Dan were two of the most talented young men he ever knew and they had many interests. Unfortunately, the small town of McLouth, population 500, lost many men in World War II and Dan Means was one of those killed in action.
I also am a good friend with Alan Feldhausen and we were amazed when he told me of his recent visit to the American Cemetery. It was such a coincidence that our conversation revealed the connection between his time with Michael Green and me being a relative to Lt. Dan Means.

Thank you very much for your kindness to the Means family. As I grow older I learn more and more about history and the sacrifices that our soldiers made to keep our freedom. Through your efforts and love our history will continue to teach others. God bless.
Kirk Bradford
Marysville, Ks
04:33 22-06-2009
Dennis and Gerda,

You are two very thoughtful people. My brother and I had the pleasure of visiting The Ardennes Cemetery in April, and were taken to Lieutenant Means gravesite by retired U. S. Marine, Superintendant Michael Green. He told us the story of your adoption. We have no relatives buried there, but by coincidence, after I returned to Kansas I learned that a good friend of mine is a relative of Lt. Means. Your kindness means so, so much to this family. As you probably know, Michael Green is on a mission to spread the word about the importance of paying homage to these fallen soldiers. My brother and I are telling Michaels story to everyone we can. The story of you and your wife taking the time and energy to tend these graves on behalf of their American families was already part of what we tell others to help with Michael's mission. Your efforts and those of this caring retired U. S. Marine bring goosebumps, tears, and strong heartfelt emotion to many. Thanks for what you do for these families.
20:12 09-06-2009
Frank van Lunteren

Name of your own website
Hello Dennis and Gerda,

Many thanks for the wonderful website and your persistence in finding out what happened to each of these soldiers. All the best in your endeavours,

04:52 02-06-2009
It is a wonderful thing you are doing to adapt the graves of our american servicemen who lay in rest in Europe. So many of my generation take for granted the sacrifice these men and many others made for all of us, as well as the sacrifice our brave young men are making today in the struggle against terrorism. I just wanted to say thank you. I read a story about a local man(J. Battaglia) and found your web site and have since read all the entires. I love history and have watched Band of Brothers, and I am facinated by the personal touch of that movie and your stories you have published. My father and uncle served in the US Navy but were lucky enough to come home. Thanks again to you and others like you for your devotion to our brave souls. All the best to you and yours. Thomas Groff, Northville NY USA
16:47 28-05-2009
Thank you so much for adding the Memorial Day pages. I could even read the programs, it was very nice that you put those in. It was great to see so many people taking part in the ceremonies. The flags blowing in the wind are so lovely too. I am very proud to have the flags Megan brought home to me. They still have the soil from Ardennes on them. The miles and distance disappear, and I can almost feel what it is like to be there.

Thanks again,
11:15 28-05-2009
I read an article on your service to our men who died in WWII in Belgium and wish to thank you(and all Belgian people) for your commitment .A number of my family members fought in the Pacific and Europe during WWII including Normandy. I wish nothing but the best in life for you and your family.
Frank Klementowski, Saratoga Springs New York, USA
21:28 26-05-2009
Thank you for taking time to tend to the graves of our soldiers. My father is Vic Walzel brother to Leland. Thank you for the pictures you sent from Memorial Day. The cemeteries are so beautiful. One of these days I want to come over and celebrate Memorial Day in Belgium.

Nelda Blaschke
Woodsboro, TX
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