19:22 26-02-2010

Name of your own website
A Big Thank You to Denise for adopting Lt. Turley of the 78th Fighter Group 82nd Fighter Squadron out of Duxford England. If possible could send me a photo of Denise with her certificate. We would like to post it to the 78th's quarterly publication, the Checkerboard as well as the page dedicated to Lt. Turley on the above website.
20:02 23-02-2010
God bless your wonderful family and your country. I was born in 1946 and never knew Uncle Ronnie. He was kept alive in our hearts by a loving mother, brothers and sisters. My father, mother and a sister visited Uncle Ronnies grave and were amazed at the beauty and careful tending of our fallen soldiers last resting place. A heart felt thank you to your family.
14:42 21-02-2010
What a wonderful gift you give "the fallen" and to us, the families of those who paid the ultimate price for freedom and who never came home! My father, 1st Lt. Maurus C. Owens, is buried in Ardennes American Cemetery. When I heard of the adoption program, I learned that his grave had been adopted but they could not tell me who had adopted his grave. It is frustrating not being able to thank the people who adopted my father's grave and not knowing if they are still committed to his memorial. So thank you, again, for your committment and for publishing what you are doing. Keep up the good work! Joe Owens, Wisconsin
03:22 17-02-2010
Your website is wonderful. Thank you so much for doing this. I have shared the link to your website with others from the Ronald Craig family and I hope they will comment here too.
23:46 09-02-2010
arie de bruin
ik heb veel respect voor jullie,bedankt voor alle werk!
23:08 06-02-2010
Mindy K
The new Normandy section is wonderful. Seeing it on such a beautiful sunny day makes it look so peaceful. It's a very moving memorial to the fallen.
13:14 31-01-2010
Dag dennis en GERDA,


10:24 10-01-2010
Mooi !
18:13 08-01-2010

Name of your own website
hoi dennis en gerda
mooie site hoor
maar mijn oude site staat nog in jullie linkspagina
16:15 05-01-2010

Name of your own website
Hey Gerda en Dennis,
Dank jullie voor het aardige berichtje in mijn gastenboek. Mooie website van jullie, een waardige herinnering aan hen die hier op de oorlogs begraafplaatsen rusten.
Keep up the good work! We will remember them!

17:56 30-12-2009

Name of your own website
Hoi Dennis en Gerda,
Bedankt voor jullie berichtje in mijn Gastenboek, heb even een kijkje op jullie site genomen, maar heb daar iets meer tijd voor nodig zag ik.
Hele fijne layout, en prettig om te lezen en kom beslist terug, ben eigenlijk ook een beetje jaloers nu hahahaha.
Gaan ons snel zien in 2010, fijne dagen nog.
Groetjes Jean
19:03 04-12-2009

Name of your own website

Victims of Victory
Hallo Dennis en Gerda,

Bedankt voor jullie bericht in ons gastenboek, jullie website is ook heel mooi en respectvol neergezet.
We zullen tzt jullie link toevoegen aan onze links die verwijzen naar WW II slachtoffers of beter gezegd helden.
Vergeten mogen we ze nooit, zij die vochten voor onze vrijheid.

13:10 30-11-2009

Name of your own website
Lieve Dennis, Gerda en Denise
We hebben met veel belangstelling naar jullie geweldig initiatief gekeken en zouden het fijn vinden eens met jullie in contact te komen om jullie verhaal te horen. Het is geweldig dat jullie dit doen! Hopelijk gauw een keer tot ziens.
Alfred en Elly Saak
11:40 26-11-2009
Dear Dennis, Gerda and Denise,

This is a wonderful website full of your passion and love for those who are forever resting overseas. Thank you for helping people never forget.

Semper Fidelis,

Michael Green
00:23 25-11-2009
Dear Dennis, Gerda and Denise,
My cousin, Rick Turley, just forwarded us the emails and attachments you sent him. My Mom is Grant M. Turley's sister and I can't wait to tell her about what you're doing, and show her your website. What a wonderful thing you're doing in helping the world remember these incredible young Men and Women who gave the ultimate sacrifice for freedom, their country and the world. We are all blessed because of them, and because of what you're doing. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
Natalie Tanner
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