14:55 19-07-2010

Name of your own website
This was "my" cemetery when I was stationed in Holland for five years. I was at each Memorial Day ceremony with the (then) HQ AFCENT US Joint Service Honor Guard. What an honor to provide honors for our fallen.
17:45 15-07-2010

Name of your own website
omo i don land here o make una understand say na so
21:22 03-07-2010

Name of your own website

@Dennis en Gerda, jullie hebben heel veel speurwerk gedaan en nu een heel mooie site daarvan gemaakt. Vol bewondering heb ik een aantal verhalen gelezen.

Zal de rest later doorlezen

grt Akim
15:47 03-07-2010

Name of your own website
14:32 31-05-2010
Hello, as far as I know I have no relatives on your website but I saw the story in my local paper and I just wanted to say "Thank you so much"! What you do is so amazing, the respect you show these men and this country is unbelievable. You are both to be admired and respected just as the men and women who fought should be. Thank you again for this beautiful thing you do and your website that you share with everyone.
20:50 27-05-2010
Hi, I'm a very distant relative of Grant Marion Turley. I found a note from you at
Here is a link with more information concerning him:
Just search on Turley.
19:52 24-05-2010

Name of your own website
hi Mr. and Mrs. Hermsen:
I'm hoping to reach you for a story I'm doing for my newspaper. Would you contact me please?
Thank you,
Lisa O'Donnell
23:56 19-04-2010
I am the neice of John Mueller, he is buried in the Netherlands
18:31 22-03-2010

Name of your own website
Goed Bezig Dennis! (en Gerda natuurlijk)

Aparte en bijzondere "hobby" heb je er bijgekregen. Diep respect in ieder geval!

04:10 20-03-2010
Janet Means
Dear Dennis and Gerda,
Thank you very much for all you both have done. And, as you continue to do so, with your love and respects.
Janet (niece of Dan W. Means)
06:27 12-03-2010
Seeking information on T/ Sgt Harry Zadoorian of the Brown Crew commemorated on this website. New York Times has Zadoorian and wife Lucy with a Garden City New York address at time of death APril 1945. Other records show Zadoorian's hometown was Michigan.
01:59 07-03-2010
Thank you for caring for our brother, we miss him so much. He was such a caring person, What can we do for you and your family? Sincerely
06:43 27-02-2010
God bless you and your family for the care you give to our loved ones. When my mother speaks of her beloved brother I can tell the cost of losing him is still with her. We are a family with a proud military heritage with many who have served and are still serving and knowing that it is difficult to express how much this means to me as an American, Ronnies niece, and a serving member of the U.S. Navy that you are watching over our fallen heroes. Thank you with all my heart.
02:06 27-02-2010
I am one of many neices & nephews of Ronald M. Craig. None of us got to meet him, but his memory has always been kept alive by those who did have the pleasure of knowing him. Thank you so much for taking such good care of him. I hope to one day be able to meet you & thank you personally. God bless you!
19:22 26-02-2010

Name of your own website
A Big Thank You to Denise for adopting Lt. Turley of the 78th Fighter Group 82nd Fighter Squadron out of Duxford England. If possible could send me a photo of Denise with her certificate. We would like to post it to the 78th's quarterly publication, the Checkerboard as well as the page dedicated to Lt. Turley on the above website.
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