07:38 13-02-2018
I stumbled across your site while in the process of working on my family tree -- my grandfather was the brother of Joseph A. Battaglia. On behalf of my family, I would like to thank each of you for honoring Joseph’s sacrifice, as well as the sacrifice of the other brave soldiers, through the creation of this site and the adoption of their graves. I was deeply moved by the pictures of Joseph’s gravesite from your visit to the Henri-Chappelle cemetery and I hope to someday visit Belgium to see his grave in person.

Michael Battaglia
19:42 09-11-2017
Great website, hope I Can assist you.

Jan Bos

Author “Circle and the Fields of Little America” - 376th Parachute Field Artillery Battalion, 82nd Airborne Division (on DVD)

Author “They stayed behind” about the temporary American cemetery at Gela, Sicily 1943-1948 (on DVD)
01:47 12-08-2017
Hello Dennis, It has been quite some time since I have tried to contact you, most likely because my wife Mary Beth shows me everything you do on facebook. . Just let me say once again, thank you for all you do regarding the upkeep of the graves of everyone, not just my fathers crew. You and your family are truly remarkable, and we are most grateful. I tell pretty much everyone I can about your efforts to remember these poor young men. Let me ad this, they were brave and scared to death in my mind, but still did their duty as they saw it. Not sure I would have been so brave, my father woke up screaming in his sleep for years. To this day brings rears to my eyes just to think about their sacrifice and those who did not return. I have often see your name on line regarding skype and never picked up, sorry, but just not sure about talking about a lot of sadness.

Mike Lyons
17:00 30-03-2016
Retail/Drugstore should be cheaper
21:24 01-10-2014

Name of your own website
Goed bezig!
18:30 10-10-2013

Name of your own website
Hi Dennis & Gerda.

I just located this in the Turley Family newsletter for October. They found the crash site for Lt. Grant Turley in Germany. Thought you would like to know.


This is a 3-part series written by Grant Olsen and published on in July 2013.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:
15:45 27-05-2013
Happy Memorial Day Dennis and Gerda!!
Thank you once again for your dedication and honor of all the soldiers listed here. Our journey began with my Uncle Richard "Dick" Gentzel, and has grown into the amazing tribute's listed here. All these families are humbled by the kindness and love you have shown us, and continue to show. There's a wonderful sentiment from a recent book and film that, I think, describe's your dedication and love. It's from Cloud Atlas:
"Our lives are not our own. From womb to tomb we are bound to others.
By our crimes and every kindness....we birth our future."
Your future's are very bright....Dennis and Gerda, and the world needs more people like you!!
In sincere gratitude,
Karen Dugan and the entire Gentzel family.
15:41 27-05-2013
On this Memorial Day 2013 I just want to give a heartfelt thanks to everyone who cares for the graves of our fallen. Words can not describe what this means to us. In memory of my uncle Frank Kayden, T/Sgt KIA August 15, 1944.
18:49 15-05-2013

Name of your own website
Thank you for creating and maintaining the Brown Crew memorial page on your site. My dad, 2LT Richard P. Rice, a pilot in the 853 Bomb Squadron, 491 Bomb Group, was roommates with James Brown, William Wais and Edward Levack at North Pickenham, home of the 853BS/491BG. He was close with all three, but especially so with Brown and Levack. My name is James Edward Rice...for James Brown and Edward Levack.

Dad related seeing Brown's B-24 being hit and calling him on the radio to tell him he was on fire. Brown's simply acknowledgement "Roger" hid the seriousness of the situation they faced. Dad watched them go down and crash. I have a photo in dad's photo album simply labeled, "Brown down". Relating the story of their being shot down was one of the few times I saw my dad cry.

Dad's crew took some flak damage the same day but made an uneventful landing back in England despite loss of hydraulic pressure. After they got out, a British Lancaster ended up crashing into their plane for that mission, "The Flying Jackass."

Over the years, dad donated to the restoration of the Collings Foundation B-24 in the name of the Brown crew. They were listed on the "Honor Crew" listing on one of the bombay doors when the plane was originally restored.

Here's a link to a page I put together for my dad's crew.

Dad remained an active pilot the rest of his life and died in his sleep September 22, 2000.


Jim Rice
Lieutenant Colonel (Retired), US Army
Collierville, Tennessee, USA
20:46 02-03-2013
hoi hoi
jullie hebben een mooie website
maar zag dat jullie ook voor info van Rymond Bazata
@ henri chapelle hebbn gezorgt nouw ben ik zijn adoptie persoon
en wou vragen of jullie nog meer info over raymond Bazata hebben voor mij
vr rg raymond
22:48 29-12-2012
Very nice website, I learned a lot about my Uncle, William Sandoval. Thank you for producing the site.
19:38 11-10-2012
Beste Dennis en Gerda,
Wat een mooie site jullie hebben er echt werk van gemaakt en deze militairen verdien het ook om op deze manier geeerd te worden,dit mag nooit vergeten worden.
Wie weet gaan we elkaar eens zien in Margraten of Henri-Chapelle?
23:50 01-10-2012
My Uncle Dan Means and other members of his crew died on Oct. 2, 1944, that will be 68 years ago tomorrow. Thanks for keeping the memory alive Dennis and Gerda.
20:16 29-09-2012
I wish to thank you for the good work you are doing. My father Francisco Mercado was a lead bombardier in the 853 BS, 491 BG. He survived the war with 35 missions and had a long happy life. However he would not talk of the war until at a late age. He knew men of the Dan Means crew.
10:47 10-07-2012

Name of your own website
Ik kwam weer even op bezoek bij mijn collega webherdenker..het blijft een genot om te volgen, mooie website en de gedachte is mooi genoeg om te blijven koesteren..

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